Next Generation Manufacturing Begins with O3ai

From real-time insights and data analysis, to effortless implementation of lean manufacturing principles. O3ai is engineered to help you in your digital manufacturing transformation.

All-In-1 MES

O3ai MES optimises manufacturing operations with real-time data and IoT connectivity, integrating seamlessly with ERP systems to enhance productivity and minimise downtime.

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AI Analytics

O3ai Analytics leverages AI and machine learning to turn complex data into predictive insights, improving decision-making and operational efficiency in manufacturing.

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Lean Co-Pilot

O3ai Lean Co-Pilot utilises detailed performance analytics to streamline processes, reduce waste, and drive continuous improvement, fostering operational excellence.

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Users globally
3.6 million
Tags processed every hour
Connected Machines
O3ai Impact

Designed to scale alongside you, O3ai delivers advanced insights to enhance factory operations and decision making.

Performance increase over 4 months
Reduction in Total Production Cost
Increase in Man Hour Productivity
Increase in Overall Equipment Utilisation
Improvement in Breakdowns
Why Choose O3ai?

Choose O3ai for a transformative approach to manufacturing operations that combines advanced technology with deep industry insights.

Our suite of solutions, including O3ai MES, O3ai Lean Co-Pilot, and O3ai Analytics, is designed to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and enable data-driven decision-making.

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In the Cloud

Run O3ai in the cloud for fast, efficient deployment no matter where you are. Designed for smart factories, looking to achieve end-to-end digitalisation.


Take advantage of O3ai's artificial intelligence to discover and find new ways to improve your manufacturing operations.

Cyber Security

O3ai has been designed and engineered using ISO 97001 standards to offer the highest levels of cyber security and threat protection for peace of mind.


Connect O3ai to the systems and services you need including ERPs, Machines, PLCs and more with a wide range of APIs available for full system connectivity.

Start Your Digital Transformation: Step by Step with O3ai

Start Your Transformation Journey – With O3, discover a clear path to digital excellence. We assess, plan, and guide you every step of the way, turning your vision into reality.Your journey to a smarter, more efficient operation begins here.

Get Organised

Integrate processes in synchronised setup with pull mode.

Get Connected

Connect machines, processes and people in one platform.

Get Insights

Correlation real, live and reliable data enabling data driven decisions.

Get Optimised

Exponential business value through machine learning and AI engine.

Trusted Collaborations, Exceptional Results.

Clients and Partners we've worked with

- Mohammed Al Attas, Sunbulah Group

O3ai Significantly elevated our operational performance. It amplified OEE, enhanced quality and reduced downtime. The real-time data driven interface empowered rapid, effective decision-making, transforming our process control.


Frequently Asked Questions

View some of our most frequently asked questions below. Alternatively you can get your own customised proposal online.

Will O3ai integrate seamlessly with our existing systems and machines?
O3ai is designed to combine data from multiple channels including ERPs, machines and PLCs. Alongside O3ai Edge which helps connect machines, APIs are also available to connect external data where there is a need.
Does O3ai offer customisation to fit our unique manufacturing processes?
O3ai is highly customisable, and already, the O3ai products offer a high level of customisation to fit the majority of customer use cases. Where there is a bespoke requirement, our team can advise and support on additional customisations.
Is the cost of using O3ai justifiable in terms of return on investment?
Conveniently supply empowered infrastructures whereas client-centred sources. Synergistically exploit high-quality quality vectors for excellent scenarios. Uniquely reinvent inter-mandated imperatives with unique partnerships. Proactively engage client-focused.
How steep is the learning curve for workers to use O3ai?
Conveniently supply empowered infrastructures whereas client-centered sources. Synergistically exploit high-quality quality vectors for excellent scenarios. Uniquely reinvent intermandated imperatives with unique partnerships. Proactively engage client-focused.