Elevate Business Efficiency with O3

O3 Performance is more than just a tool, it's your partner in achieving operational excellence. By streamlining meeting management, action planning, and performance evaluation, we empower your team to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional business outcomes.


O3 Performance:
Essential Features Overview

O3 Performance brings together a suite of features that are tailored to enhance your organisation's effectiveness and efficiency.

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Meeting Management

Efficiently organise and track business meetings with integrated scorecards and action trackers. Ensure each meeting aligns with your strategic objectives and critical key performance indicators.

Action Plan Management

Develop, assign, and monitor action plans derived from strategic decisions or meetings, ensuring timely and effective implementation with easy tracking, for effective accountability.

Meeting Evaluation

Assess the effectiveness of meetings, focusing on outcomes and improvements. Gain insights to enhance future meeting productivity and impact, identifying areas for improvement and change.

KPI Integration

Seamlessly integrate with the KPI Management Module to reflect real-time data in meetings and actions, ensuring alignment with business goals and that meetings stay relevant and on track.

Visibility and Tracking

Offers transparent tracking of action plan progress and individual or team workloads. This provides visibility into the performance and accountability of employees, ensuring objectives are met.

Action Item Tracking

Track specific action items assigned during meetings, ensuring that they are followed through. This helps maintain accountability and ensures that decisions made are effectively implemented.


O3 Performance provides customisable dashboards that can be tailored to show the most pertinent information, helping users to quickly see the status of various performance metrics.

Notifications and Alerts

Users receive real-time notifications and alerts about upcoming deadlines, pending tasks, and important updates. This keeps everyone informed and ensures items are addressed promptly.


Key Advantages of O3 Performance

With O3 Performance, experience a transformative approach to managing business operations that delivers tangible benefits designed to elevate your operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Enhanced Meeting Productivity

Streamline meeting processes, ensuring that discussions are focused, time-efficient, and outcome-oriented.

Improved Action Plan Implementation

Facilitate the effective execution of action plans, leading to timely and successful project completions.

Increased Accountability Across Teams and People

Offers clear visibility of responsibilities and progress, enhancing individual and team accountability.

Company-Wide Stratetgic Alignment

Ensure that every meeting and action is in line with the organisation's strategic goals, increasing effectiveness.


How Does O3 Performance Work?

O3 Performance Management operates by integrating various components of business operations. It starts with the organisation of meetings, to facilitate strategic decision making and action planning. These meetings and wider performance goals can then be continually monitored.

Schedule Meetings

Start with the organisation of meetings, using digital scorecards and action trackers.

O3 Performance allows you to schedule regular meetings, from shiftly to annual - giving you full adaptability for every meeting type.

Set Actions

During these meetings, strategic decisions are made, and action plans are set.

Link meetings to KPIs and wider strategic objectives, action items can then be implemented in the action planner.

Evaluate and Improve

Performance is continually monitored, with meetings evaluated for effectiveness and improvement.

All meetings are evaluated, to ensure relevance and that meeting topics were addressed, helping to identify improvement areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

View some of our most frequently asked questions below. Alternatively you can get your own customised proposal online.

What is the primary focus of O3 Performance Management?
The module focuses on optimising meeting management, action planning, and performance evaluation to enhance business efficiency.
How does it integrate with KPI Management?
It seamlessly connects with KPI Management to reflect data in meetings and actions, ensuring alignment with key performance indicators.
Can O3 Performance improve meeting productivity?
Yes, it streamlines meeting processes, focusing on outcomes and efficiency, thus enhancing productivity.
Is it possible to track the progress of action plans through O3 Performance?
Absolutely, the module provides tools for monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of action plans.